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MyHavtorn Organic Beauty with Sea Buckthorn

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MyHavtorn of Sweden organic Face Cream - organic skincare MyHavtorn of Sweden organic Face Oil - Organic skincare

Ekologisk Nattbalm från MyHavtorn

Face Cream
An organic face cream made of a blend of sea
buckthorn, argan, avocado and safflower oils.
The cream is specially designed as a moisturizer
that is suitable for both normal and sensitive skin.
This organic face cream also contains the
nutritious extracts of linden blossom and
bergamot which have a soothing effect on the skin.


50ml / 1.7 oz

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Face Oil
MyHavtorn Facial Oil is made with three luxurious oils found in sea buckthorn, argan and
avocado, all offering vital nourishment for your skin. Sea Buckthorn oil gives your skin an
honest vitamin boost and aids your skin’s ability to regenerate MyHavtorn Facial Oil penetrates
deeply, hydrating the skin from within and protecting it against aging. Facial Oil can be used
independently or applied with day or night cream.


10ml / 0.34 oz

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Night Balm
Our Night Balm is used to nourish the skin and increases elasticity. Imbued nature's finest organic oils the night balm is to be applied before bed to help the skin restore itself while you sleep.

Key Ingredients
Sea buckthorn oil
Blueberry Oil
Neroli  Oil


30ml / 1 oz

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MyHavtorn of Sweden Face Oil 10ml - Organic Skin care MyHavtorn ekologiskt läppcerat med havtornsolja, sheasmör och kakaosmör MyHavtorn of Sweden Facial Cleanser 50ml - organic skin care

Facial Cleanser
- In this facial cleanser you will find a complete blend of natural vitamins and nutritious oils. This product uses organic sesame oil as a base to clean and smooth the skin. From there we added sea buckthorn oil for all of it’s amazing properties for the skin.This cleanser also has castor oil that cleans to restore skin health, shea butter that has a healing effect on damaged skin. In addition Swedish rapeseed oil which is perfect to moisturize your skin, coconut oil, which provides both a lovely fragrance to the product and soothes the skin. In this cleanser you also find fruit and seed oil from sea buckthorn with all of its amazing features for the skin.

50ml / 1.7 oz

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MyHavtorn lip balm
Being delicate, the lips are an area in need of extra protection. MyHavtorn lip balm is a wonderfully creamy lip balm with the distinct flavor of sea buckthorn oil, beeswax and cocoa butter. A high percentage of shea butter and cocoa butter soften and protect. Sea Buckthorn oil nourishes and moisturizes.


Facial Essence
A facial toner made of sage hydrosoland and with an infusion of sea buckthorn leaf and linden blossom.The leaves are hand picked from the scenic valley of Bollebygd, Sweden. These leaves are rich in carotenoids, vitamin -E and minerals. MyHavtorn Facial Toner activates and cleanses the face while promoting circulation. Our toner can be used as part of day to day facial cleaning to remove residue. Or it can be used alone as a refresher for your skin during the day. The ingredients have a pH-balancing effect on your skin.

100ml / 3.38 oz

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hair care hand care body care
Organic skin care by MyHavtorn of Sweden - hair oil MyHavtorn of Sweden Organic Handcreme - organic skin care MyHavtorn of Sweden organic Body Oil - Organic skin care

Hair Oil
MyHavtorn Super Hair Oil is just like it sounds, a real super oil for your hair and scalp. MyHavtorn Super Hair Oil includes a high content of organic sea buckthorn oil and argan oil from Morocco. Argan oil strengthens the hair while providing a lovely luster and plenty of nutrition.

MyHavtorn Hair Oil is also rich in essential oils from rosemary that increases blood circulation in the scalp, lavender oil that gives a soothing feeling and ylang ylang that has a relaxing effect. MyHavtorn Hair Oil nourishes hair and scalp while providing extra fine shine and luster.

30ml / 1.01 oz

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Hand Cream
MyHavtorn organic hand cream is a moisturizing and nourishing cream for your hands. The cream heals dry hands and cracked skin. Sea Buckthorn oil has a delightful orange color that gives this hand cream its unique character

50ml / 1.7 oz

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Body Oil
MyHavtorn body oil is a well-balanced skincare product, rich in essential and nutritious oils that gives your skin the maximum moisturizing and nutrition.

100ml / 3.38 oz

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hand and nail care    
Organic swedish skin care by MyHavtorn of Sweden - nail oil    

Nail- and cuticle oil
A strengthening oil for nails and cuticles. Myrrh Oil has an anti-inflammatory features and is especially good for brittle nails, cuticles and cracking. Myrrh Oil restores and nourishes your nails. MyHavtorn nail- and cuticle oil contains cold pressed lemon oil acting positively to skin infections and prevents dry, brittle nails, the rosemary antioxidant has an antiinflammatory effect. MyHavtorn nail and cuticle oil may be used daily.

10ml / 0.34 oz

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nail- and cuticles oil