What do the skin care therapist say?

Erica Randlett is a holistic skincare specialist in New York City, She is faithful student of ancient skincare practices, massage, lymphatic drainage, nutrition, aromatherapy, plants and herbs. She uses only the finest, most effective, pure, whole plant products to elevate the vitality of the skin.

Erica began working with MyHavtorn skincare nearly 10 years ago when discovered MyHavtorn in Sweden. She is passionate about MyHavtorn skincare as they are among the most carefully sourced, antinflamatory, nourishing, high vibe, healing products available. To this day she uses MyHavtorn in all her treatments and on herself. “If I go more than two days without MyHavtorn facial cleanser my skin becomes dehydrated and saggy” "No other cleanser has this effect on my skin." She recommends Myhavtorn oil facial cleanser combined with the MyHavtorn Facial Essence and MyHavtorn Facial Oil to her clients to get the vitality and healthy glow we all want and need.

Myhavtorn visiting Treatment by Lanshin i New York City and gets the latest influences. Skincare specialist Erica Randlett (to left) and Ingrid Bäckström, Myhavtorn (to right)

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